About JCA Associates

Nationwide solutions provider to the Secured Asset Funding sector

Whether arrears collection, vehicle or asset recovery, investigation or in depth fraud examinations, JCA Associates have been providing intelligent & effective solutions for leading finance companies for over a decade.

During this time, we have developed processes for and have the expertise to handle the most difficult cases and the understanding to handle the most sensitive.

We have an unblemished, first class reputation for achieving high levels of results with the utmost integrity. Simple but highly effective management tools ensure up to the minute control of all cases and more importantly assets.

Our ability to communicate effectively with Police ensures that when dealing with cases that we believe should be viewed as Criminal, we are able to establish a position where we secure our client’s assets.

JCA is a long established integrous partnership, giving the comfort to our clients of absolute personal accountability. It is a goal driven organisation, with a determination that sets us apart from others in our industry.

JCA makes no false promises:

“We are a no-frills, expert services provider and rely wholly on our results to speak for us"

Phillip Allen, Partner - JCA Associates

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